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Make Me Smart, Mini Review

I try to be task driven and agile. I use Todoist to maintain my personal backlog with each day being a new sprint with the goal of four to five tasks completed per day.
One of today's main tasks was to write a mini review of Make Me Smart - the new podcast from APM hosted by Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood. I've been a fan of public radio since I began listening on my short commutes to work way back in 1999. My favorite public radio show by far is Marketplace. I'm a business news junkie.
Marketplace is hosted by Kai. Kai is one of the few news people I follow on Twitter. I follow him because he's a good filter and retweets things that might prove to be important. I don't think Kai and I would be good friends, but I do respect him. He's smart and makes a very honest attempt to stay connected with how business impacts people in regular places like Erie, MI and Athens, GA. He has hosted Marketplace from these two cities. When Kai interviews people he pushes them to answer questions and he doesn't let CEOs or even the President off easy.
Likewise, Molly is a great APM host. When Molly teams up with Kai they both seem more real. On Make Me Smart's second episode with follow-up discussion on episode 2.5, Molly introduces the idea of businesses now being an integral part of our country's checks and balances. I've often felt like corporations have way more impact on our lives than elected officials. Molly's comments on this topic will be profound as we move forward. Molly has also discussed the issue of always chasing the short-term quarter-over-quarter revenue growth. While I try to be a disciplined MBA holding professional. I'm concerned about the consequences of short-term results at the expense of more stable enterprises.
Molly and Kai, if you happen to read this. I recently submitted a question. My question dovetails with Molly's modern view on business involvement in our lives. I've always been interested in what really happens (or doesn't happen) inside the Investor Relations departments in publicly traded companies. As we talk about the greater influence of companies over our lives, the IR department might be our gateway to better involvement and increased democratization of corporations.
Bottom line: If you have your hustle on and want to stay engaged in the world, listen to Make Me Smart.
Finally, I listen to Make Me Smart on Google Play Music which is the Google competitor to iTunes. Unfortunately, Google Play Music doesn't offer a method to write reviews which was how this simple task to write a review of Make Me Smart turned into a blog post.
Keep up the great work Molly and Kai.


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